Story & Inspiration

Elemental Stories India, is Shweta Mahtani's vision to inspire natural and holistic living.

When I was pregnant, all I wanted was to eat clean, use the right kind of products that were chemical and toxin free for my baby and me. From skincare, make-up ,toiletries, utensils or food, we as a family made a shift towards living consciously to the best we could.

I had to  find the right kind of brands available in India reading up reviews and searching on various platforms. Sourcing products from various stores or online retail that had a mixed array of things was time consuming and never easy.

Hence we decided that we wanted to make this search and accessibility for all the conscious buyers easy as well as create awareness to make that difference and help the common man understand and make that switch slowly but certainly. Hoping holistic living will be the way of life.

Elemental stories is a platform that encourages overall holistic living. We are here to give you. the understanding of how important it is to make that switch to natural, chemical free and organic products to keep lifestyle diseases and health ailments in check and lead a healthy holistic- life.

We envision to create awareness on sustainability and organic as the “ Way of Life “ going forward. Let us build a Biotic Life and Elemental Community together by choosing consciously.

We curate and pick brands with goodness that replace everyday essentials with toxin-free natural commodities
Elemental stories is here to bridge that gap as a one-stop online market place curating brands for all sustainable, natural, healthy and eco- friendly commodities containing diverse product categories from all over India under one-roof. Our target is to make our shoppers search and accessibility simple by providing diverse products and brands across Biotic life.

Our product selection is hand picked, that includes brands and cottage industries that are pure and authentic encouraging elemental living.

We are here to not just sell but to build a community through our blog creating a loyal group of customers who will bring awareness to our cause.

We champion sustainability values overall and are here to give you an eco-friendly and holistic experience not just to buy products but also help you curate your personal sustainable spaces be it a kitchen, living room, patio, child’s room to bathroom.

Elemental Stories India replaces everyday essentials with eco-friendly products which do not harm the environment be it in production or disposal, minimising any harm to our eco system. Our website will be positioned as a multi-brand marketplace that focuses on biotic life.