Anise skincare natural hydrating baby lotion


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Anise natural hydrating baby lotion helps the body retain that softness and suppleness that follows true moisturization for a good part of the day. Incorporating shea butter, nettle, allantoin and aloe among many other ultra-hydrating ingredients, this deeply moisturizing and nourishing lotion ensures that you will always have baby soft skin.

Why you should choose this product:

  • It includes superstar ingredients like the skin softening and repairing Indian nettle, shea Butter, calendula, etc that naturally nourish your baby’s skin
  • It is further enriched with glycerin, aloe and liquorice for deep moisturization without residues or greasiness
  • No silicones, parabens, dyes, phthalates, formaldehyde, PEG, petrochemicals, nut-based ingredients, animal by-products, or harsh chemicals have been used in this product
  • It is a naturally derived, non-irritant, non-toxic, and biodegradable formulation that is suitable to use on drier and sensitive skin as well
  • It is dermatologically tested as non-irritant, and Safe Cosmetics Australia allergy and Made Safe certified as non toxic, making it a natural, gentle and safe product that can be used right from when they are newborns and until they are 11 and older.


The Anise skincare natural hydrating baby lotion boasts of such superstar natural ingredients like:

  • Indian nettle (Acalypha Indica) - This leaf is used for treating many skin ailments like rashes, acne, wounds etc
  • Beeswax (Cera Alba) - It is a natural antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory byproduct made by bees which can stop skin and hair irritation by providing moisturization
  • Gotu kola/ Brahmi (Centella asiatica) - Renowned in Ayurveda, this leaf is excellent for wound healing and regeneration of the skin
  • Shea butter (Butyrospermum Parkii) - A natural butter, it is 60% fat and great at penetrating skin and keeping the inflammation at bay
  • Triphala extract - Triphala is an ayurvedic formulation made from three fruits, namely gallnut, gooseberry and bibhitaki and naturally detoxes the body and improves immunity


Aqua, Acalypha Indica, Cera Alba, Water, Hydrolyzed Corn Starch, Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Cetyl Palmitate (and) Sorbitan Palmitate (and) Sorbitan Oleate, Aluminum starch, Octenyl succinate, Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Cetearyl Glucoside, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) butter, Centella asiatica, Calendula Officinalis Flower, Aloe barbadensis, Triphala extract, Ethylhexylglycerine (and) Phenoxyethanol, Glycyrrhiza Glabra [Licorice] Root, Fragrance, Allantoin, Sodium Acrylate


Use daily as much as required to moisturise baby skin. The formulation will absorb in to skin naturally with brief massage. 

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