Aurobindo Kulhar

Dancing Leaf

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Dancing Leaf Teas, Presents the Aurbindo Kulhar, 


  • A Kulhar is a handle-less ceramic cup that originates from India
  • The Aurobindo Kulhar is a modern twist on the traditional kulhar, which is plain in appearance, unpainted and unglazed
  • The Aurbindo Kulhar is Designed with a 'lotus inspired theme'
  • The symbolic lotus blooming with a divine fragrance, full of glory and magnificence makes the kulhar colorful and eclectic
  • This ceramic Aurobindo holds a matted mixed surface with a gloss lustre
  • Handcrafted with a 24 carat gold decal outline magnifies its stature and fortitude
  • Material : Stoneware / Ceramic
  • Capacity : 200ml