Beco Bambooee Serving Napkins

Beco Bambooee Serving Napkins


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What are the Benefits of Beco, Bambooee Serving Napkins?


  • Beco, Bambooee, Tissue Napkins uses unbleached pure natural bamboo fibre raw material in manufacturing tissues
  • The tissues are made from native bamboo pulp without any additives or bleach
  • The natural fibre materials are not only safe and healthy, they are very soft, giving you the ultimate experience.
  • These eco-friendly tree free paper can reduce deforestation by replacing trees with bamboo
  • This Product is certified by bodies such as USA FDA & EU AP
  • Safe for use by pregnant women, babies & adults with sensitive skin
  • The tissues are so soft and natural you can use it to clean baby's hand, Face & Body.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes- Clean table ware or even food items
  • Practical design and portability can be is in the kitchen, bedroom & Bathroom or during travel
  • Quality: 2Ply
  • Quantity: Box of 50 Napkins