Beco Kitchen Towel Roll


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What are the Benefits of Beco, Re-Usable Kitchen Towels?


  • Beco, Bambooee Kitchen Towels are made from organic bamboo
  • These natural and organic cleaning bamboo cloth are washable upto 100 times
  • Each roll has 20 reusable cloths, with perforation for easy cut and use from the roll
  • These re-usable cloths have very high absorbent power, this is perfect to drain out excess oil from oily food
  • These re-usable cloths are of very high quality and can be used for all kinds of cleaning 
  • Use this in the kitchen for all kinds of cleaning purposes
  • These eco-friendly tree free paper can reduce deforestation by replacing trees with bamboo
  • Quantity: Roll Of 20 reusable cloths