Clasico Teapot & Fino Double Walled Cups Combo

Dancing Leaf

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Dancing Leaf Teas, Presents, Clasico Teapot,


  • Made with borosilicate, this teapot is stronger and more heat resistant than conventional glassware
  • The crystal clear design makes this stylish and elegant & the centre of attraction at tea parties
  • The tea pot has an in-built infuser which can steep tea bags, Loose leaf & fine leaf teas
  • Capacity 300 ML-1 Teapot Included 

Dancing Leaf Teas, Presents, Fino Double Wall Cup


  • Made with High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Elegant, clear glass design makes this a stylish product
  • Heat-resistant Double-walled cup construction-not only keeps tea hot & warm, it also insulates fingers & hands from heat
  • Light weight with a comfortable grip
  • Perfect for both hot and iced beverages
  • Capacity 80 ML- 2 Cups included 


Step 1: Add tea bags or loose leaf tea in the infuser. 1 scoop or bag per 200 ml of water

Step 2: Pour steaming water until tea leaves are fully immersed

Step 3: Cover the glass lid and allow tea to steep for a few minutes

Step 4: Pour tea into cups and serve