Clay Basic Starter Set Of 3

Clay Basic Starter Set Of 3

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Are you Interested in trying out the Natural and Traditional Clay cookware, but not sure where to start?


Why don't you start with clay basic set which is essential in every kitchen. The starter set includes these basic kitchen essentials


  • Clay Rice/ Biryani/ Dal Pot - Black - Perfect For Fluffy Rice 
  • Clay Kalchatty -Red - Medium - For that Perfect Sambar
  • Clay Pot Medium - Red - Versatile to cook dal, sambar or even a fish curry


  • We assure you will start loving cooking and will relish the taste of food cooked in it as food cooked in clay cookware adds an A unique, earthy flavour that no other type of cookware can give you. Slow, even, delicate cooking that packs in all the flavours and aroma. Uniform circulation of heat and moisture through the pot that keeps in all the sumptuousness.