Rattles cum teether For Babies 2in1 10pcs

Bloomy Brain

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Cute appearance, and Great quality

Rattles cum teether For Babies 2in1 10 Assorted rattles with lovely colours, have animal and flower shapes, and make sounds when shaken

The 10 shapes are

- Ship with rotating wheel
- Flower with rotating pedal
- Giraffe with retractable
- Pear with abacus design
- Tortoise with colourful beads inside
- owl with rolling eyes
- Rabbit with rotating oval
- Frog with stretchable body
- Lion with rolling ball
- Octopus with 360 rotatable claws

Helps develop baby's tactile senses, easy-to-grab textured, can be bitten, boiled and disinfected. 


BPA Free and no smells