Disposal Bags for Soiled Sanitary Napkins


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  • Svacch Disposal bags are sealable, identifiable bags for discarding used sanitary waste. 
  • All bags are made from recycled newspapers and earth friendly materials, by underprivileged, sheltered and specially abled groups
  • Ensure safe and hygienic disposal of sanitary waste
  • Made by ladies from low income groups
  • Multiple-fold aids in strength and resistance to tearing
  • Designed with a peel-off adhesive for convenient sealing
  • Picture of a napkin and content in 3 languages makes it identifiable to sanitation workers
  • Profits go toward facilitating sanitary hygiene in neglected communities.



  • 100 Disposable Bags


Directions Of Use:

  • Remove one bag from the box
  • Roll the used napkin and place it in the bag
  • Remove the peel-off tape on the top flap
  • Seal the bag 
  • Discard hygienically


Product Dimensions:

  • 13*13*10