Eco-Friendly Rice Husk Mug 300ml


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What are the Features and Benefits of Eco-Friendly Rice Husk Mug by KSAMAH?


  • Drink your morning tea/coffee at home or at your workplace with using this reliable reusable mug
  • Made from Rice husk this mug is a viable and an ecofriendly alternative to single-use plastic
  • Going reusable helps to cut down on your daily use of plastics and single-use coffee cups
  • This mug is fully biodegradable. Great for both hot and iced beverages.
  • This mug is made from rice husk fiber, which is natural and safe for daily use
  • It recovers and creates value from what is formerly considered waste and it can be broken down in a biodegradable way, which is eco-friendly and will not bring any harm to people and the environment.
  • Product Dimensions: 300 ml
  • Weight in grams or Kgs : 150 grams


• Natural and Rice Husk Fiber in a Simple Elegant Style.

• Recyclable, Eco-Friendly, Lightweight, Premium Quality.

• Use for hot and cold beverage.

• No spill, Easy to use, Hand-wash, Non-breakable, Durable.

• Product Size: 300 ml.

• Non-toxic, BPA free.

• Safe for microwaves and dishwashers.


Care Instructions:


1. Cannot be directly used over fire, oven for cooking or steaming.

2. Natural shine on the surface will fade on daily usage, but doesn't affect the quality.

3. Due to the natural colour of the rice husk fiber, there may be slight colour difference.

4 Microwave safe ,Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe.

5. Not recommend for prolonged soaking in the water.

6. There may be a natural rice husk fragrance coming out of products rice husk for initial days which eventually fades with regular use.

7. Dishwashers may lead to loss of printing.