Fit & Fresh Raksha Bandhan Box

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  • Product Description
  • 4 in 1 Face Wash
  • Watermelon Pea Protein
  • Swastika Rakhi

The Fit & Fresh Raksha Bandhan Gift Box Includes,


  1. 4 In 1 Wash For Men - 1
  2. Watermelon Pea Protein - 1
  3. Swastika Rakhi - 1
  4. Beautifully packaged in a reusable box

What are the Benefits and Features of 4 in 1 Wash?


  • This multi-purpose gel, can be used for shaving, bathing, as a shampoo & as a facewash
  • Get your mornings off to a great start, feel fresh & rejuvenated
  • This product is such a convenient solution, compressed in a handy portable tube
  • The finest primary ingredients, Kiwi Extract  & Cassia Bare, help hydrate your skin cells, cleanse your body and deodorise
  • All Coccoon Products contain Natural Actives
  • Paraben-Free, Non-comedogenic
  • Clinically Tested, Dermatologically Approved & Animal Cruelty-free
  • Contents: 200 ML
  • Shelf Life: 36 Months

What are the Green Protein Watermelon Flavoured Pea protein Sachet(23g)?


  • Green Protein, Plant Protein Powder you no longer have to choose between good health and great taste
  • You get a wide range of Tasty, Healthy & Unique flavours to choose from namely Pineapple, Black Currant, Berry Blast, Watermelon & Raw Mango
  • Directions 1. Add the contents of the sachet to a glass 2.Then Add 250ml of water, preferably chilled 3.Stir and Enjoy!
  • Green Protein is dairy free, gluten free, allergen free, soy free with no added sugar and 100% vegan.
  • It does not contain any artificial preservatives, heavy metals or any other irrelevant substances.
  • This flavoured vegan protein is full of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins which will make you stronger and fitter.
  • Faster Recovery: Green Protein's Vegan Protein contains 15g of high-quality pea protein sourced from Canadian yellow peas. It also contains an abundance of Dietary fibre which aids digestion and helps in effective weight management.
  • This product has the additional benefit of being anti inflammation
  • Ingredients: Pea Protein Isolate, Citric Acid, Black Salt, Flavour, Curcumin, Guar Gum(INS412), Sucralose
  • Shelf Life: 18 Months
  • Contents: Pack of 1

The swastik plantable rakhi is handcrafted from oak tree cork material, lead-free colours, cotton mauli thread, plantable basil seeds, grains and recycled paper. Each rakhi is handcrafted and hand painted by local artisans of Varanasi. Its an initiative by Scrapshala to make festivals a trash-free and safe celebration for us and environment. These rakhis after use has to be placed with backside-up 2-3 inches deep in soil, they will sprout into plants in 7-10 days after sowing. Don't forget to water the soil after sowing the plantable rakhi. You can combine a plastic-free roli/chawal packaging along with these plantable rakhis.

 Content : 1 plantable rakhi

 Material : Oak cork