Haryali (Fennel Khus)

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What are the benefits of Haryali (Fennel Khus)?


Coming back home from a tiresome day of work, one always seeks a few moments of calm and respite in the sanctity of our home. This enigmatic chai flavour of rich aromatic black tea willingly collaborates with the palate cleansing , flu fighting expert in Fennel creating a sense of relaxation. Sweet Liquorice adds much needed flavour to the drink and the immunity boosting Khus cleanses the skin beautifully.


Net Wt. 100gms (40 cups)


Ingredients : Assam Black Tea , Fennel, Licorice & Khus


Steeping Notes:

Quantity(Tsp)Temperature(°C)Time(Minutes)Water(ML) Milk(ML)
2100 °C5 to 7 Mins125 ML65 ML