Herbal Shoe Spray Odour Remover & Disinfectant (Pack of 2 x 100 ml)

Herbal Shoe Spray Odour Remover & Disinfectant (Pack of 2 x 100 ml)

Herbal Strategi

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This Herbal Shoe Spray – Odour Remover and Disinfectant is an Eco Friendly way to disinfect and remove odour from Sport shoes, Leather Shoes, School footwear, Shoe racks, Gym Kits, Laundry basket, Shoe bags, Yoga mats etc. This Earth friendly formula made from Turmeric oils, Lemongrass oils, and Globulus oils will disinfect and provide all round protection by eliminating fungi and bacteria within a short span of time thereby creating an environment free of bad odour.

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This Herbal Shoe Spray is made from the below Ingredients: Every 100ml includes

Eucalyptus Globulus *Taliaparna oil: 1.5%,

Cymbopogon Citratus*Bhutika oil: 2%,

Curcuma longa * Haridra oil: 3%,

Exipients: IPA 20%,

Water: QS,

How to use

Spray Herbal Strategi Shoe Spray 3-4 sprays or more as required inside the shoes or footwear in order to remove odour preferably at night time.

What to watch out for! 

  • Avoid direct contact with cuts, eyes and wounds.
  • Keep children and pets away from the product.
  • Keep away from direct flame.
  • For external use only.