Herbal Wash Concentrate Pets and Livestock

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Herbal Wash Concentrate is a unique blend of active Plant extracts, Aromatic oils and 100% Herbal Actives. It can be used for all types of Cages, Kennels and Stables. It is Bio-degradable, Cruelty Free, Vegan & Eco-Friendly which kills 99.9% germs. It is Non Toxic, Safe with no side effects and has a refreshing aroma which can eliminate all odours. It removes stains and keeps home germ free & insect free. It is Baby Friendly and Pet Friendly with Natural Ingredients QC by CSIR-IIIM-J&K

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Each 100ml contains:

Bhutia Oil: 7%,

Devadaru Oil: 5%,

Sarala Oil: 4%,

Excipients / Water: QS

Note: Above composition is after dilution

How to use

Mix 200ml of concentrate in 2 litres of water and leave it for 24 hours. Pour 20ml of this solution on 4 litres of water and clean Cages, Stables and Kennels on a regular basis. For stubborn stains, apply undiluted (without adding water) and mop after 5 minutes

What to watch out for! 

  • Do not mix with acid or any other cleaner.
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes, cuts and wounds.
  • Keep away from Children.
  • For External use only.