Herbal Wellness Spray-Bio Spray for Faster Plant Growth

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GARDEN WELNESS SPRAY is a Natural water based nutritional growth stimulant with high quality amino acids for healthier plant growth, flowering and optimum yield. GARDEN WELNESS SPRAY promotes the development of chlorophyll, sugars and amino acids in plants and aids in photosynthesis. It also increases Vitamin and mineral content of plants which stimulates plant growth (higher blomass production) by accelerating cell division, Increasing the rate of development in root systems and the yield of dry matter. GARDEN WELNESS SPRAY helps in absorption of mineral nutrients and amino acids in plants even in unfavourable conditions like drought which helps to fight the effect of drought. It is a ready spray formulation and can be used immediately.

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Directions for Use

GARDEN WELNESS SPRAY has to be sprayed on the leaves and on the soil of potted plants (about 7-8 sprays on soil and leaves) at a distance of 2ft away from the plants so that the minute mist spray particles can cover the entire plant. Spray in the morning or evening twice a week.


Avoid direct contact with Eyes, cuts and wounds. Keep away from children and pets. Store in a cool place. For External Use only.


Liquid amino acids 10.00% w/v (min.)
Aqua media 90.00% v/v (max.)
Total 100.00%