Dancing Leaf

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A Melange of 3 tea caddies of 25 gms each.

Loose Leaf Flavours Included:

  1. Jasmine & Mandarin Green Tea
  2. Egyptian Mint (Black Tea Blend)
  3. Apple Cranberry (Tisane)


Each tea caddy will brew 10-12 cups approximately.

Jasmine & Mandarin Green Tea (Green Tea Blend)
This delicious blend is a soothing infusion with light floral undertones combining green tea with jasmine and mandarin for an explosion of citrus flavor.
Ingredients: Green Tea, Orange Petals, Jasmine Flowers & Mandarin Bits

Egyptian Mint (Black Tea Blend)
A rejuvenating black tea infused with the raw and natural flavour of mint eases you into a refreshed state of mind with each invigorating sip.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Chicory, Orange Peel and Mint


Apple Cranberry (Tisane)

Embrace this divine infusion that balances cranberry with sweet apples within the very healthy and detoxifying green tea.

Ingredients: Apple Bits & Cranberry Bits