Microgreen Kits

Designed By Smitha

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What is the Microgreen Kit?


  • Designed By Smita is innovating  and simplifying the concept of growing your own food
  • Microgreens are little seedlings of edible plants that are often used to add colour and flavour to meals. 
  • They’re much smaller than regular greens, even “baby” greens.
  • Studies have shown that microgreens are LOADED WITH NUTRIENTS, such as vitamins, C, E, and K, lutein, and beta-carotene, 40 fold than the mature leaves of the same plants and adding them to your diet makes it super nutritious and healthy
  • These Grow Your Microgreens kits have been designed to give you everything you need to start growing it yourself
  • It contains a lot of information and fun facts to give you an insight about what you are growing and how to maintain it further





1.Take the bag - open it up and push it in to make a pot shape.

2.Take the cocopeat disc and put it in the pot and slowly pour water on it

3.It will absorb the water and start inflating. 

4.Once it stops inflating further , you know your soil medium is read. 

5.Level it out and add the seeds. (soak the seeds for 6 hrs minimum before you sow them).

6.Put the seeds a little apart from each other and cover it with a bit of soil medium. 

7.Your plant is ready

8.Water it regularly and use the micro-nutrients one every 15 days to nourish it well.

9.Happy Growing.


  • A Bio-Degradable jute grow bag
  • Non-Gmo Seeds
  • Micro-Nutrients
  • Soil Medium
  • Funfact Sheet
  • Observation Card
  • Instruction Card



  • 500 Grams



  • Minimalistic
  • Dimensions 9"X6"X3" Inches