Note Books That Grow

Designed By Smitha

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What are Note Books That Grow?


  • By Smita is innovating  and creating ways to make the best out of waste
  • One of the most exciting creations at by Smita is Notebooks that Grow
  • When all the pages inside the notebook are exhausted, Don't throw the book away
  • Plant the book using the simple instructions and watch it grow



1.Once the paper is of no use do not throw it away. Know that its ready to be planted. 

2. Take a pot with soil / garden. 

3. Tear the paper into bits and plant it. 

4.Cover it up with 1/8 th soil - water it well. 

5.Make sure the paper is kept moist and exposed to partial sunlight at the same time. 

6.Soon you would see the seeds from the paper sprout and gradually the paper bio-degrades itself. 

7.Happy growing!



  • Ruled Note Book 4"x 6" Inches
  • 80 sheets
  • Instruction Card



  • 400 Grams



  • Minimalistic



  • Tomato, Basil(tulsi), Brinjal, Chilli, Marigold, Carrot