Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Nutty Yogi

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What are the Benefits of Sesame Oil?

  • Rich and Nutty, Sesame Oil has been used in Asian curries for centuries
  • In South India it's a staple oil for its flavour, aroma and the health benefits
  • In Ayurveda too, it finds a special place as a base oil for all ointments and foods
  • Cold extracted from sesame seeds, Nutty Yogi's Sesame Oil is a must buy.
  • Key Health Benefits:
    • Certified Organic
    • High levels of antioxidants
    • Good Source of Vitamin E
    • High Omega 6
    • Rich in Calcium
    • No chemical
    • No heat applied during extraction
    • No preservative
    • 100% Natural
  • Cold Pressed - Heavy in every drop
  • Use Sesame oil as a dressing to many salads, the most common one being the Caesar’s salad
  • Also use to stir fry vegetables and meat for many cuisines
  • Used in the preparation of pickles and also a major seasoning component in the East Asian style of cooking

Store in cool and dry place.