Organic Peanut-Flax Chutney (Crunchy) – Spicy Podi

Jus Amazin

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What are the Benefits of Organic Peanut-Flax Chutney-Spicy Podi, By Jus Amazin'?


  • Jus Amazin Peanut Flax Chutney - Spicy Podi, presents the traditional spicy podi flavour in a chutney format, with the goodness of peanuts, flax seeds and the spices in it. Made from 100% Organic ingredients, every spoon of this Peanut Flax Chutney is packed with macro-nutrients (27% protein, dietary fibers and healthy fats) and naturally occuring micro-nutrients (anti-oxidants, Omega-3, Vit E, Vit B1, zinc, folate)
  • Our crunchy Peanut Flax Chutney is an ideal accompaniement for dosa, idly, vada, paratha, rice bowl.
  • Made without any hydrogenated fats, artificial preservatives and chemicals, this healthy and yummy Peanut Flax Chutney is 100% Natural ! It has zero cholesterol and is dairy free, soy free, gluten free and is suitable for vegans.
  • Best enjoyed with a hot n crispy dosa / paratha / vada / idly - enhance the nutrition of your favourite snack / meal with this unique product !
  • Ways to Use : With dosa/ idli/ paratha, for salad dressing, in curries, as a marinade
  • Product Contents: 200 Grams
  • Shelf-Life: 6 Months



• Chutney made from Peanuts and Flax, in a Spicy Flavour

• 100% Organic Ingredients

• Very good for gym goers / young mothers

• Tastes great with parathas, dosas, idlis and chapatis


• 27% protein : Helps in Muscle Growth, Repair and Growth of Cells/Tissues

• High Dietary Fiber : Keeps you fuller for longer, Imporves Gut Health, Helps control Blood Sugar

• Natural source of Omega-3, Iron, Copper and Zinc

• Omega-3 : Lowers Cholesterol, Anti-inflammatory

• Rich in Iron (Fe) : Formation of Red Blood Cells, Prevents Anemia, Strengthens the Immune System

• Copper (Cu) : Helps in absorption of iron

• Zinc (Zn) : Strengthens the Immune System, Boost Metabolism