Palm Breeze Gift Pack

Dancing Leaf

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Dancing Leaf Presents, Palm Breeze Gift Pack,


  • The Palm Breeze gift pack contains 3 glass test tubes of 25 - 30 gms of tea in each vial.
  • Loose Leaf Flavours Included are
    • Kashmiri Kahwa, 
    • Jasmine Mandarin Green Tea
    • Rooibos Cinnamon
  • Each test tube will brew 10-12 cups approximately.
  • Kashmiri Kahwa, is a traditional green tea prepared with exotic ingredients including cardamom, almonds, cinnamon and cloves. Its signature flavour is derived from the use of saffron strands, that are included in the blend. This one is a truly celebratory tea Ingredients include Green Tea, Liquorice, ,Ginger, Cloves, Cardamom , Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Almonds & Saffron.
  • Jasmine Mandarin Tea is a delicious blend is invigorating, a soothing infusion with light floral undertones. This blend combines green tea with jasmine and mandarin for an explosion of citrus flavour. Ingredients Include, Green Tea, Orange Petals, Jasmine Flowers & Mandarin Bits.
  • Rooibos Cinnamon is heart-warming infusion that finds the tranquil smoothness of Rooibos and blends it excellently with the sweet spice of cinnamon, making for an uplifting drink. The warm charisma of this symphonic infusion brews to create a sensual and aromatic fragrance. Ingredients include, Rooibos, Cinnamon & Rosehip