Raw Extra Virgin  Coconut Oil

Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


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What are the Benefits of Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?


  • Praakritik brings you the best organic products for your daily needs
  • Praakritik raw extra virgin coconut oil contains,
    • Lauric Acid, packed with anti-oxidants, enhances immunity and fights intestinal disorders
    • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is easily and quickly absorbed by the liver thus providing instant energy
    • Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is the only oil that has Ketones Best oil to use for cooking, as it does not denature into harmful compounds at high heat
  • Health Benefits and Uses
    • Excellent body moisturizer
    • hair care
    • lip care
    • Good for strengthening the bones
    • prevents osteoporosis
    • Helps in reducing fat
    • Prevents gum diseases and tooth decay
    • Treats UTI and Kindney Infection
    • Reduces Inflammation and Arthritis
    • Boost Immune system
  • Contents: 500ML