Single Sided Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wraps

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  • Daman Furoshiki wraps are made from 100 % cotton fabric which has been hand block or screen printed using natural and vegetable dyes.
  • Fabric gift wraps are an eco-friendly alternative to paper and plastic wraps, being not only reusable but also biodegradable.
  • Traditionally the Furoshiki wrap was returned back to giver, but you can make it a part of your gift.
  • Daman Furoshiki wraps can be reused as a gift wrap or can be used creatively as a napkin, a tea towel, a bandana or even as a scarf!
  • Switch to the Furoshiki fabric gift wraps for your gifting purposes and draw awe from friends and family alike
  • This gift wrap is printed on one side only

How to use the Furoshiki Wrap:


  • Each Daman Wrap is accompanied by an easy to follow wrapping instruction diagram
  • Different wrapping styles are used for different objects, depending on the size and shape to be wrapped
  • A sizing guide is also included to make it easy to understand which Daman Wrap is suitable for which size of package


Size Options:


  • Small 18"x18"
  • Medium 24"x24"
  • Large 40"x40"