Spiced Turmeric Chai

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What are the benefits of Spiced Turmeric Chai?


This trimuvirate of flavourful black tea , sunshine spice Saffron and doctor Cardamom makes this chai a formidable opponent against flu, digestive woes, viruses and nausea. Emiting a wondeful aroma this chai is the perfect defence pack loaded with immunity boosting and antioxidant properties. Who knew medcinal chai could taste so good.


Net Wt. 100gms (40 cups)


Ingredients: Assam Black tea, Saffron, Cardamom and Rose Petals


Steeping Notes:

Quantity(Tsp)Temperature(°C)Time(Minutes)Water(ML) Milk(ML)
2100 °C5 to 7 Mins125 ML65 ML