Sprouted Ragi Atta

Sprouted Ragi Atta


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What are the benefits of Organic Sprouted Ragi Atta?


  • Praakritik brings you the best organic products for your daily needs
  • Ragi is considered a ‘superfood’
    • 10 times higher calcium content than other grains
    • Turning regular ragi grains into “sprouted ragi” can have some pretty intriguing nutritional benefits
    • The process of germination and sprouting Ragi increases calcium levels by almost 20%
    • The body can absorb more calcium easily, because sprouting reduces anti-nutrients
    • Anti-Nutrients typically lock up minerals and make it difficult for body to absorb
  • Health Benefits
    • Increased Bio availability of Iron and better absorption
    • Increased levels of antioxidant
    • Increased Levels of B12
    • Rise in Protein content
    • Eliminates Starch in a Higher Extent
  • Contents: Pack of 500 Grams