Tags That Grow

Designed By Smitha

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What are Tags That Grow?


  • BySmita is innovating  and creating ways to make the best out of waste
  • One of the most exciting creations at bySmita is "Tags that Grow"
  • Tags are essential when it comes to gifting. be it a birthday, anniversary, But what happens when its torn. its thrown away.
  • So we started Mission TAGS THAT GROW. tonnes of paper , unknowingly is wasted every year to make these gift tag
  • BySmita try not to miss out on any opportunity to save paper and do something more out of it
  • Imagine if all tags grow. we would be living in a more sensible and greener place at the same time.





1. Use the pencil till its really short

2. Take a pot with soil or be ready to plant it in your garden. 

3. Insert the capsule part diagonally inside the pot/garden

4. Water it regularly

5. watch your pencil grow.


  • Set of 8 Tags.



  • 200 Grams



  • Minimalistic



  • Tomato, basil(tulsi), brinjal, chilli, marigold, carrot