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Byobags, presents, the Utensil Bag,


  • Thoughtfully designed with high quality standards and fabric
  • Bags are super functional and super durable
  • Use them day in day out
  • Our Utensil Bag is the perfect way to bring your own cutlery with you
  • It keeps your clean cutlery from getting lost in your bag and keeps dirty used cutlery away from all your valuables.
  • Its clean, compact and easy to use design makes it super practical and functional.
  • Its washable and like our other products it comes in dark colour/prints which makes it low maintenance.
  • It has four small slots for your cutlery, straws and chopsticks and a wider slot got your handkerchief and/napkin
  • Dimesnsions: 15 3/4"L x 7 3/4"W with flap open and 9" L and rolled up when flap closed.
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Colours: Navy Blue Plain, African Print
  • Weight: 90 Grams
  • The bag comes without any utensils