World Flag Flash Cards 56 Cards Set 1

Bloomy Brain

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Bloomy Brains, World Flag Flash Card, Set 1,


  • Set of 56 Double side printed cards
  • Colourful flags printed on one side and Corresponding country names on the other side
  • Helps a child develop Pattern memory, Colour memory, shape and visual discrimination
  • For little older children (2 - 4 years) could be an introduction aid on different countries in the world
  • Can be used as a tool to teach a child to read
  • A must have to stimulate a child's brain and develop exceptional intelligence early
  • Brain stimulation
  • Visual memory
  • Pattern memory
  • Visual discrimination
  • Reading and language development
  • Auditory and vocabulary development
  • 56 Flash Cards Double side printed
  • Width : 22.5 cm x Height: 17cm
  • Made in India