Zero Waste Living DIY'S

Zero Waste Living DIY'S

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  • Workshop Mission
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  • Details About Crowdwave Covid-19 Relief

Elemental Stories, a multi-vendor market place, endeavours to bring sustainable, eco-friendly and natural products across different categories via our online website.


As a part of Environment Day on June 5th & staying true to our vision of eco-friendly products we aim to bring a series of work shops, conducted on Zoom.


With Our Country in the Midst of Raging pandemic, we all have to help in someway & we will donate part of proceeds from the workshop to Crowdwave's Covid-19 Relief. Details about Crowdwave's spectacular mission and effort to bring aid to the vulnerable can be read in brief in the section below, with complete details on their website The Crowd Wave Trust | #1 Crowdfunding Platform for NGOs | Raise Funds for NGOs in India





  • Learn how to make your own multipurpose cleaners (bio-enzymes) from the bare experts
  • How to segregate your waste
  • All you need is - citrus peels, water, jaggery, yeast (optional)
  • Date: June 12th, Saturday
  • Time: 3pm to 4pm
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Registrations Close on June 11th June
  • Registrations: 500/- Rupees Only
  • Preserving Nature for the Future
  • Sign up now to do your bit!
  • **Part of proceeds will be directed towards Covid-19 Emergency Relief**


Crowdwave’s Emergency Covid Relief Fund


 The COVID-19 crisis brought us one of the most challenging times we have ever had to face. Countless people lost their loved ones, their livelihoods, their homes and even their sense of self. And as things seemed to be settling down, we now find ourselves in the midst of another wave that could potentially be more devastating than we ever thought. Much like last year, the most vulnerable are those from the underprivileged sections of our society. Now, more than ever, we need to come together to help mitigate this crisis and help supplement governmental efforts. You will be directly helping these sections of our society and helping many people fight the COVID-19 crisis. Funds raised will be used for : 

1. Supplying food rations to Families with zero or low income, Orphanages, Homeless Shelters and Homes for people with disabilities

3. Supporting families of Covid positive patients

4. Distribution of sanitizers, masks and other protective gear to frontline workers

5. Distribution of Medicine Kits ( Thermometer/ Medicines/ Vitamins/ Masks/ Gloves/ Sanitizers) for covid positive patients who cannot afford care. Distributions will be done outside government hospitals/ clinics/ Red cross Quarantine centres to those who are unable to get admission. 

6. A 1000 Hot meals and water are distributed everyday outside 3 government hospitals in Chennai to patients, families, frontline workers and the homeless.

7. Supplying Oxygen concentrators/ cylinders

8. Health and mental wellbeing


*****fFOR MORE ON CROWDWAVE PLEASE VISIT The Crowd Wave Trust | #1 Crowdfunding Platform for NGOs | Raise Funds for NGOs in India